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22 11 月, 2022

Choosing the right cap manufacturer is essential. You want to be sure that the manufacturer bears an excellent reputation and produces high-quality hats. If you desire to start a headwear business, or if you’ve been in the industry for a while, it’s time we introduced you to the best cap manufacturer, Ningbo Pechoter Co., Ltd.

As cap manufacturers, our company is responsible for producing different hats and sourcing suitable production materials. 

Here are a few things we adhere to that make us the best cap factory:

A Good Reputation

Landing the best manufacturer can be mind-boggling. Thousands of companies claim to offer the best, but not all of them can deliver. Our credibility speaks for itself. Reviews from previous and current customers create a good reputation for us. 


The last thing you wish for is to end up with low-quality hats. Irrespective of your choice of custom caps, we always deliver on quality. 


Certifications are an aspect that most people overlook, but one thing that makes a manufacturer stand out is the certifications. Our certifications include the following: 

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • BSCI
  • SGS


The equipment a manufacturer uses determines the quality of products. We have up-to-date machines in our factory. 


Our 270+ employees observe good work ethics and perform excellently well. They ensure that your products get to you in the best possible condition. 

Time Sensitive

We respond swiftly to customer queries. We also ensure fast merchandise delivery. It takes 3-5 days for a customer to receive their samples and 5-14 days to deliver the final production. 

Flexible Payment

We offer flexible payment terms spread out over 90 days. 

Different Caps/Hats Available in Our Factory

  • Baseball cap
  • Beanies
  • Snapback cap
  • Truck Cap
  • Golf hat
Custom Headwear
  • Visor
Custom Headwear
  • Bucket hat
Bucket Hats
  • Dad hat
  • Bump cap
  • 5-panel cap
  • Straw hat
  • Beret hat

Our Services

Design Assistance

Not only are we just experienced fabricators. But we also consult as we progress on your brand’s journey. We use our expertise to guide you through the design process.

Design Sampling

As cap manufacturers, we understand that you need samples of the expected end product. All you need to do is share the patterns, and we’ll do the rest. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing technology ensures top-notch end products from our factory. Some of the advantages of digital printing include the following:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Personalized designs
  • Versatile choices 
  • Effective inventory management due to increased production

Computerized Embroidery

No matter how complicated the designs may be, we have computerized embroidery machines that ease the process. Embracing new-age technology keeps us ahead of the park. 

Fabric/Cloth Bonding

Cloth bonding in cap manufacturing is among the essential elements. Lack of fabric/cloth bonding means our cap designs won’t be as efficient as they should be. 

Laser Cutting

Laser-cutting technology is a futuristic manufacturing system and a  universal processing tool. While other manufacturers may avoid using this technology, we believe in setting the pace. 

How to Manufacture a Cap

  • Select the cap style and shape.
  • Determine the materials and fabrics you want for the cap.
  • Choose the colors you’d love the caps to have.
  • Decide the closure system of the cap.
  • Determine the decoration techniques for your logo.
  • Choose the cap’s finishing.

Common Fabrics Used to Make Caps

  • Mixed fabric options: Polyester/spandex and cotton, poly cotton twill, and melton wool.
  • Polyesters: Suedine, pro mesh, dri-fit, microfibre, nylon ripstop, taslan, acrylic, and twill. 
  • Cotton: Corduroy, denim, chino, jersey, brushed canvas, and twill.
  • Others: Leather, PU, and Faux Leather. 

What Artwork Do We Require for Decoration Applications and Logos?

If it’s a new design, send us colored or black-and-white artwork with positions, sizes, and the colors we should use indicated. Use Adobe Illustrator or high-resolution jpeg file formats. 

For existing customers, if we’re supposed to use existing embroidery, you should supply us with your embroidery tape. 

Logistics Services

Our logistics services involve:

  • Direct pickup from our warehouse
  • Express courier service to your doorstep by air
  • Port to port by sea

We are the Best Cap Manufacturers in the Market

Having dealt with specialized projects for different customers, we possess valuable insight and experience in the custom headwear market. At Pechoter, we give you the ability to customize your caps using some of the best quality products in the market.

From computerized embroidery work to in-house fabric bonding, we ensure precision every time and deliver what you envisioned for your customized caps. We give you the freedom to choose the prints, design, amd style you desire because we aim to provide all you need under one roof. Your job is to be the vision bearer, and we’ll implement it.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped colleges, schools, and corporates don caps that integrated them into one team. We understand why it’s essential to have logos and team names on the customized hats. 

Our team provides all the assistance and guidance needed for these processes. Once you’ve handed us all the requirements, we’ll begin to make the customized caps. Furthermore, our wide product selection makes the process smooth for you and us.


  1. Where should you get high-quality customized caps?

At Pechoter, we offer high-quality, customized caps to all our customers in China and worldwide. Our comprehensive approach and in-house production team manufacture numerous headwear styles, making us your one-stop solution for all things beanies, dad hats, visors, bucket hats, 5-panel hats, fedoras, baseball caps, snapback caps, etc. 

  1. What are your payment options?
  • Bank transfer through RTGS/NEFT
  • Cheque
  1. How accurate are the colors shown online?

Shades/colors displayed on our website may not exactly match actual product colors in some instances. It’s unavoidable, so it’s necessary to get pre-production samples before bulk production. 

  1. Can I cancel an order?

Once orders are approved, we can’t cancel them. Any advance payment made is non-refundable. 

  1. Can I correct or change my order?

Once we approve an order, you can’t correct or make any changes to the order.

  1. Do you accept returning of goods?

No, we don’t accept returns for custom caps/hats. 

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