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24 10 月, 2022

Customized promotion caps are a great way to promote a brand. They help brands deliver a message to the masses. At Pechoter, we’re reliable promotion cap manufacturers with 20+ years of industry experience. 

Ningbo Pechoter Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing custom headwear in China. We’ve built our company over the years and have 278 employees who help us fulfill customer needs. We pride ourselves in having complete sets of headwear manufacturing facilities, such as printing and embroidery machines. 


There are over 6,800 cap designs, and we have a production capacity of more than 150,000 caps and hats monthly. We make and design products based on customer requirements. Plus, we have a highly responsive and innovative customer service team that ensures that you, the customer remain a priority. 

The production and administration team ensures consistency in production, timely delivery, and competitive pricing. Our logistics and shipping support ensures that all your documentation is in order.

We detest mediocrity. Thus, our products maintain a high-quality standard to keep our customers highly profitable. 

What is a Promotional Cap?

A promotional cap has personalized logos or desired graphics according to the customer’s specifications. The promotional caps serve as promotional marketing gifts. These caps are a great addition to a company’s event uniform. Printed promotional caps effectively promote businesses on a minimal marketing budget. 

Some custom promotional cap designs from Pechoter include:

Trucker Cap

Before becoming a favorite to celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake, the trucker cap was synonymous with truck drivers and farmers. 

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Customers love it for promotional purposes because it’s fashionable, and the material allows breathability.


Visors protect the face and eyes from the sun’s glare and harsh sun rays. We can customize visors for clients who wish to cut back a few dollars on promotional caps. They cost almost half the standard caps price, and they look good.

Unconstructed Caps

baseball cap from pechoter

An unconstructed cap isn’t stiff because it lacks backing on the front area panels. This feature makes it have a snug fit to the head compared to the constructed option. We advise you to take this if you wish to achieve the classic cap look and for comfort.

Constructed Cap 

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Its front panels are firm with stiff backing. This attribute makes the logo on the promotion cap stand out. Our advice is if you want to make promotion caps, constructed options are the best. The ‘slight’ difference in posture creates a lot of differences in how the logo appears. 

Reflector Caps

A reflector cap glows in the dark. It also makes an excellent choice for promotional purposes because it’s attention-getting. 

pechoter baseball cap

Why Promotion Caps are the Best for Branding Businesses

Our role is to ensure you get products to help you achieve your goals. We believe that promotion caps are an essential marketing tool for business branding. In addition, we make these caps in different models and colors of your choice. 

These caps add value in the following ways:

  • They’re a great advertising tool: Clients, customers, and employees wear branded caps and offer to advertise as they walk around. Company slogans or logos on these caps create an excellent avenue to get many impressions through customers and staff throughout the year. 
  • Improve employee motivation: Sharing promotion caps with staff as gifts improves performance. It gives employees a sense of belonging because they feel like they’re representing a brand they know too well, which enhances their morale. 
  • Promotion caps are mostly unisex: This aspect is one of the crucial factors of promotional caps. Everyone can wear them, and we make them in different sizes.
  • They appeal to all generations: Our caps fit all ages, whether your target wearers are young or old. We keep the styles up to date and know those appealing patterns.  
  • They’re multipurpose: Promotion caps act as protective gear against the sun and UV radiation. They’re helpful for the outdoors while simultaneously creating brand awareness.

How We Customize Promotion Caps

At the design stage, we advise you to consider your target market before settling on the shape, material, size, and cap type. We help you choose wearable quality materials suitable to boost your brand image and a design that everybody loves. 

Since we offer endless customization possibilities, you can choose colors to match the brand identity. In addition, we make your brand stand out by printing a bold logo while at the same time selecting other words and prints according to customer specifications. 

Types of Promotion Caps

At Pechoter, we offer different designs of promotion caps. Some of the options include:

Caps With Catchy Words

Catchy words are modern techniques used in advertising a brand. You can catch youngsters’ attention using trending memes relevant to your brand. Alternatively, we can help you design caps with LED lights showing the brand’s logo. It appears incredible and futuristic. 

pechoter baseball cap

Many clients are asking for LED caps these days because they are a great way to promote brands. It shows people the innovativeness of a brand. 

Customized Caps

Maybe you wish to completely customize a cap to make people relate to your brand instantly. We’ll customize the caps to the desired results. Here, we help you customize the cap on all relevant aspects, like the color, to match brand colors. 

In addition, we can add the tagline and anything else that works well for the brand. 

Printed Caps

If the business’s target audience is the youth, these promotion caps work well for the brand. Go bold with printed caps to tell your audience more about your company. Printed caps are excellent when promoting a specific product or event for the business. You can also use them to promote product launches or anything similar. 

Caps With Brand Logo and Name

A simple cap with the brand’s name and logo makes an excellent promotional tool. Big corporations use them to promote their brands. Plus, they appear simple and elegant. If your business is all about simplicity and class, then this is the way to go because your brand seems mature to the audience. 

We Design, Embroider, and Print Your Promotion Caps to Your Satisfaction

If you’re searching for high-quality promotional caps, look no further. We design, embroider, and print promotion caps. We customize them to fit your brand. If you don’t find the cap designs you need in our stock, we’ll manufacture them for you. 

Let your promotion caps rock their socks off with Pechoter. 

We’ll help you every step of the way. 

  • Design: We’ll help you with the layout and design of the promotion cap. Our in-house design masters are leaders in the industry; thus, they understand what it takes to stand out by the heart. And, of course, this is a big plus if you want your merchandise manufactured in a rush. 
  • Manufacturing: We create the promotion caps from assembly to printing, packing, and quality inspection. At every step, we ensure that we match your specifications and meet industry standards.
  • Fulfillment and Shipping: Once we finish all the processes, we’ll ship the merchandise to you. We have warehouses for storage at an extra cost, then deliver the promotion caps to you. 
pechoter baseball cap

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