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20 10 月, 2022

Are you looking for customized straw hats? Pechoter is a company that manufactures the best quality straw hats at wholesale prices. A straw hat makes the perfect complement to the sunscreen protecting the eyes and face and UV-filtering sunglasses. It also looks great when worn at the beach.


At our factory, we weave straw hats with some of the best quality straws, like toquilla straw, Toyo, paper braids, and natural seagrass. These hats are a practical and timeless fashionable wardrobe staple for everyday wear. They’re worn by both men and women and come in different styles. 


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Straw Hats Manufacture

Manufacturing straw hats is a labor-intensive and time-consuming activity. Weaving and plaiting straw, the basis of manufacturing straw hats, is a common practice and manila hemp is the primary material in most straw hats. 

There are different designs of weaving straw:


This design has a brim and crown and is ideal for large-brimmed straw hats.


As the name suggests, this is a conical-designed hat with a small brim or no brim at all. 


Also referred to as the Swiss braid or strip straw, this design involves plaiting the straw into a continuous length. It’s then sewn while slightly overlapping, beginning from the center and working to achieve the desired diameter. 


This high-quality, natural straw from sisal comes in grades one to five, and we can bleach or dye it. It’s typically used for more expensive straw hats. It has a delicate texture, takes dye well, and is resilient to wear. It’s made using a two-over-two weave. 


It uses one-over-one weaving and is a little coarser and less popular than parasisal. 


Visca is a man-made straw with its origin in Japan and is often used in mass-producing straw hats because it’s easily dyed and blocked. It’s similar to parasisal but coarser.


It’s resilient to crushing and makes men’s hats. It can be dyed, but it usually has a bleached finish. 


Raffia is a casual straw used to make budget hats, such as beach hats. 


Toyo has a plastic glaze finish made from colorful rice paper yarn.  Hats made from Toyo have a medium to low price range, making the wearers look lovely on a budget. 

The A to Z of Crafting a Unique Straw Hat – Stages of Production

What does it take to design and produce a unique straw hat? Straw hats are a Pechoter specialty, and our manufacturing process runs through different steps, spread in various manufacturing departments.

First, we must choose a straw material like Sinamay, Wheat Braid, Raffia Straw, or Seagrass. 

Step 1: Weaving the Straw

Our experienced production team weaves the straw material using a suitable machine and then shapes using the blocking machine. Paper straw materials also use machines.

Step 2: Sorting

Once done with the weaving, the straw hats are separated according to their different sizes and trimmed to make a complete hat. 

Step 3: Sewing in a Plastic Cord

Our production team then sews a plastic cord on the hat’s edge. These cords keep the brim firmly in shape. 

Step 4: Adding Crown Bands (If Applicable)

If you’re purchasing your straw hats from Pechoter, there’s an option to customize the hats according to client needs. The customization includes adding crown bands stitched and secured on the hats using glue. 

Step 5: Removal of Excess Stitching and Quality Check

The production team removes excess stitching from the hats to leave a neat appearance at this stage. We also confirm that the product meets the desired quality standards.

Step 6: Tags

Here, we add the client’s logo and other branding material, such as swing tags, price tickets, hook tags, etc., to the hats. 

Step 7: Quality Check

Before we pack the straw hats for distribution, we perform a quality check again to ensure we only deliver the best to our clients.

Different Straw Hat Designs

There are different straw hat styles available:

Fedora Straw Hat

Straw fedora hat designs fit both men and women, and they remain top choices for tourists because of their lightweight and sun protection. Plus, they match almost all outfits, complementing everyday styles.

Floppy Beach Straw Hats

The floppy beach straw hat has broad brims, providing the beachgoer with much-needed sun protection. It’s the perfect complement to bikinis and cover-ups.

Lifeguard Straw Hat

MOQ Pieces

This hat has an adjustable chin strap and a distinctive high crown. Lifeguard straw hats have a loose weave and thick straw. They’re stylish and provide moderate protection from harsh sun rays.

Garden Straw Hat

Search Mens Straw Hats

These hats are famous courtesy of their lightweight attribute. They’re a perfect addition to the wearer’s gardening style. 

Derby Straw Hat

Straw Hat Manufacturer

These hats are a high-fashion option for women. We use a fine straw to make the lampshade design. The hat’s wide brim adds dramatic style and oomph to different dressing styles. It also provides excellent sun protection. 

Straw Hats Wholesale

Straw Hat Manufacturer

Pechoter offers a wide selection of wholesale straw hats, including cheap straw hats, Panama straw hats, straw fedora hats, and men’s and women’s straw hats. Our excellent quality straw hats draw customers from around the globe.

Straw hats are available on in a wide variety of options, whether you want to go for natural material or otherwise. These hats come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes.

For details on wholesale prices for your favorite selection, please contact us

Customized Straw Hats

All straw hats are custom-shaped by hand to the client’s specifications. We design these straw hats with utmost care to create long-lasting and durable hats. 

To customize the straw hats, select the materials, ribbon or marking, hat colors, logo, etc.

Our Process

  1. Consult

Our team possesses a wealth of experience in upcoming trends. They consult with the clients to understand their brand needs to help you achieve greater commercial leverage to drive profitable brand growth. 

  1. Design

We have 20+ years of industry experience and a great understanding of production management, product design, and global sourcing. Our team possesses excellent knowledge of designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering custom-made straw hats.

  1. Produce

With over 20 years of industry experience, Pechoter helps clients design and manufacture custom headwear. At Pechoter, we offer design and supply of private label merchandise.

Once the client briefs us on the design requirements, we take over the rest of the process, from production to delivery. We work closely with the client at every stage, involving you in approvals and pre-production samples, and we keep you posted on the timelines. 

We aim to deliver a unique and creative experience to suit the brand’s budget and needs, saving you operating costs and valuable time. 

  1. Delivery

We understand why delivery reliability is essential. Our production team makes arrangements for your merchandise to get to your doorstep.

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