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17 10 月, 2022

Are you looking for the best bucket hat manufacturer? At Ningbo Pechoter Co., Ltd, we make headwear worth every penny.

When raring to crank up the best look, bucket hats take personal style from great to legendary. 

Besides protecting the face from the sun and hiding bad hair days, a bucket hat adds some dimension, character, and fun to an outfit. It doesn’t matter how many bucket hats someone owns; having a collection of them makes one feel brand new daily. 

Bucket hats are here to stay, and with that in mind, let’s look at the latest bucket hat trends from Pechoter. 

We’ll help you add some life to your clients’ casual summer fashion.

What’s a Bucket Hat?

Custom bucket hats

Bucket Hat from Pechoter

Bucket hats have a down-sloped wide brim with mostly cotton composition, and most have metal eyelets that allow airflow. 

These hats originated from Irish farmers and fishermen in 1900, and they used them to protect themselves against the sun and rain. The hats had tweed and wool felt material. People from the 1960s Mod subculture wore bucket hats. Professional men wore them in the 1970s. Consequently, there was a 1980s resurgence of the huts from rappers, and from then on, they became a fashion staple. 

Today, street fashion icons and celebrities wear them for fashion and functions. 

What is the Difference Between a Bucket Hat and a Boonie Hat?

Are you confused and can’t tell the difference between a bucket hat and a Boonie hat? The bucket hat’s brim slopes downwards, and these hats are sometimes known as the fisherman’s hat. 

On the other hand, the Boonie hat is wide-brimmed and commonly used by the military. Although the design is more or less like a bucket hat, it has a stiffer brim.

Best Bucket Hat Patterns From Pechoter 

What are some of the bucket hats you’ll find at Pechoter? Here’s a round-up of some of our best designs that’ll wow your customers.

Reversible Bucket Hat

Embroidery custom headwear baseball print

Reversible Bucket Hut from Pechoter

This bucket hut aims to please with its two wearable sides. The lightweight hat offers quick-drying, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch technology to keep its wearers cool.

Smiley Face Bucket Huts

 Factory customized embroidered

Smiley Face Bucket Hat from Pechoter

Available in cheerful detailing, these bucket hat is a must-have for happy-go-lucky people. Its cotton fabric makes it fit comfortably while protecting the wearer from UV rays.

Running Bucket Hut

50 pieces

Runner Bucket Huts from Pechoter

Everyone loves water-resistant bucket huts, especially during the rainy season. You can’t go wrong with these pieces in areas that experience a heavy downfall. It has an adjustable bungee-cord design that keeps it intact outdoors, and the reflective material makes the wearer visible at night. 

One Love Bucket Hat

Kids Clothing

One Love Bucket Hut from Pechoter

This relaxed fit with a tie-able strap makes it ideal for beach strolls or hiking.

Cotton Bucket Hat

100 Cotton

Cotton Bucket Hat from Pechoter

This bucket hat comes with a loose fit suitable for larger heads and has a variety of vivid colors. 

Denim Bucket Hat

Denim bucket hut from Pechoter

This bucket hut has detailed stitching, and its brim offers a little shade. 

Different Materials Used to Make Bucket Hats

At our company, we use various materials to make bucket hats, depending on the purpose of the hat and the desired quality.

Hat Felt

Felt material comes from pressing, condensing, and matting fur or woolen fibers. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Wool Felt 

 This material makes the less expensive hats and doesn’t age well compared to fur felt. 

Fur Felt

Fur felt comes from mohair, camels, beavers, hares, or rabbits. The material makes a non-woven and durable textile surface. 


This common material allows breathability, is durable and has a super fine finish. 

How to Wear Bucket Hats

These hats are best worn back and high up to show the face for a fashionable look. If it’s for utility purposes, it’s best to secure it on the head. In addition, bucket hat lovers can match the hat to their outfits. For printed options, pair them with neutral outfits. 

Where to Wear Bucket Hats

Bucket hats come in handy when playing out in the sun; some are waterproof and are in the rain. Other people wear them when attending concerts and other casual outings.

For bulk orders, please contact our team for guidance on the MOQ and clarification on after-sales services. 

Steps for Manufacturing Custom Bucket Hats at Pechoter

Here are the steps we follow when manufacturing custom hats:

  • Confirm style: There are different styling options for bucket hats, and the first step stipulates settling for the type you wish to import.
  • Fabric confirmation: Select from materials such as Nylon, Leather, PU, Cotton, and Polyester. 
  • Confirm colors: There are different colors to choose from.
  • Logo confirmation: You need to confirm the logo that’s to appear on the bucket hats. 
  • Other details: Confirm all further information relevant to the order, like eyelets, sweatbands, and seam bands. 
  • Mass production and inspection: We move on to mass production once the customer confirms the order. 

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