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12 1 月, 2020
in this post, you’ll read:Firstly i will introduce you Why Wholesale Hats . Then i will tell you How to find Hat Manufactures. At last, I will tell you How to choose the best hat manufacture.

Firstly i will introduce you Why Wholesale Hats .

Then i will tell you How to find Hat Manufactures.

At last, I will tell you How to choose the best hat manufacture.

So Let us start.

Why Wholesale Hats?

Hats are a flexible online product because of various reasons. They can be worn as head protection against extreme climate conditions, for safety occupational purposes, as a fashion accessory, or religious reasons. 

Hats can also be bought throughout the year. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your hair out of your face and eyes by wearing this comfortable cap during all your outdoor activities.

You can select hats based on styles (like knit beanie, baseball, trucker, snapback, fitted, and others), by crown shapes (teardrop, center dent, diamond, oval, or flat), or by materials (cotton, wool felt, straw). 

Consider the Corona Virus in 2020, many people stay at home, but as the coronavirus comes down, more and more people would like to go outside for a deep breath, so when they go outside, the cap will be the must item for them, everyone need at least 1pc cap for outdoor activity, so the cap will be one of the hottest items after Coronavirus.

How to Find Hat Manufacturers?

Right now , too many news on website ,many of them are very long and complex, some are too professional for some new business people.

So in order to make it easier, I just take some issues as below for you for easy understanding. 

(1)Different Exhibition.

This is an extremely effective way to meet hats manufacturers you may potentially work with. It allows you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours, in China for the headwear items, you can visit the Chinese Canton Fair, HK Gift show, and so on.

If you find wholesalers you satisfied during the trade shows, you can exchange contact information with the wholesalers, checking product details even request samples.

(2) Use Google

Whether a startup or an established business, Google is always a perfect resource. By simply searching wholesale hat manufacturers on Google, you should be able to find wholesale suppliers you can work with.

(3) Make Call to Them Directly

You can call to them direclty, instead of email, conversation via tel means none time to think about more, the factory can only tell the fact via just 3 seconds,then you can check if they tell you the truth or not.

PS: introduce a nice hat manufacture in China for your reference.

Snap back cap

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Hats Suppliers?

When choosing the best wholesale hats suppliers, there are some important issues that you need to consider:

1. On Time Shipment

When you ask for samples , pay attention on the leading time as factory promised to you ,if they can not do on time, never ever place order to them, cause samples can not be done on time, how can they promise to do the mass production on time?

2. Price

We all know the price is one of the top point in the business, but you should compare prices at least 5 factories, then you can check and delete the most cheap and the most expensive, for the rest prices, you can compare and choose the reasonable ones for testing.

3. Customer Service

When you ask factory some details like sizes, colors, package, leading time and so on , if they can reply to you immediately or within short time, it means they are reliable , as some factories even not replied you email during their own holiday that will not be a good choice for you .

4. Product Range

Try to find some factories which can produce more designs of headwear, like baseball cap, snapback cap, knit beanie , visors, truck cap, bucket hat and so on.

The Best Hat Manufacturers in China

Ningbo Pechoter Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Pechoter Co., Ltd was established in 2002 and has been a manufacturer of headwear for approx 18years.

Their popular products include snapback, winter hats, baseball caps, sports caps, bucket hats, and trucker caps. They accept customization of hats and caps based on your own art design. They have their own hats factory based in Ningbo and Guangdong. 

Ningbo Pechoter Co.,ltd has 265 sets of Circular knitting machines and 134 sets of Flat knitting machines to make sure caps can be finished on time or in advance, can produce 150000-200000 pcs each month.

They also have many years of experience with Chain Store Clients like Walmart, LIDL, Target, also some brand clients like Disney, FILA, Marvel Studio, and so on. Sometimes, they also accept small MOQ to support some online shop owners also.

If you have any inquiries or any ideas about caps or headwears, you can visit their website: or send an email to them directly for updated information.

They mainly import to their North American and European clients. They have a printing factory that processes their custom-made orders.

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